Starting over

I quit Goyaka Labs recently. I have been struggling with myself to keep going at it only to realise I am doing more harm than good to myself and my friends/co-founders.

I lacked purpose for what I was doing. I had stopped producing. The team wasn’t going anywhere and I felt I was part of the reason. I felt like such a let down to all those awesome entrepreneurs and hackers I had met. I went into depression.

There was a limbo period when I couldn’t make a decision as to whether to keep going or quit, for I knew both decisions sucked. My previous post is an example of me trying to fight it out. But I was rightly pointed out, that not making the decision is the worst thing I could do at that moment.

I am super grateful to Alagu and Raj for being understanding and super helpful all along, even after I told them how I felt. If there was any sadness, it is only that it didn’t work out. By the way, they are still at it and I sincerely wish them the best.

I am also thankful to everyone else who has helped me in this journey so far. You are amazing!

I want to do a startup one day. When I find the right thing to do and a right set of people to do it with. But thats just me getting ahead of myself.

Right now, I am starting over from scratch. Here’s to more adventures. Wish me luck!


This was an interesting year.

Started a company along with two of my best friends – Alagu and Raj. Our startup got selected to YCombinator. That is one heck of a ride.

Wrote lots of code.

Went on outings to Mangalore, Half moon bay, San Francisco,  Goa. I lived in the valley for couple of months. I biked the golden gate bridge. I met a lot of new people. Made new friends. I got together with a lot of my friends from college.

Lived in six different houses.I travelled abroad for the first time. I sailed in a ferry boat for the first time. I drove a car at 140Km/H. I started using metropolitan transport for office commute.

Spent all of my past two years savings and for the first time I could remember, went completely broke.

Have a paunch now and to my embarrassment got it pointed out by a lot of people.

Was way out of my comfort zone for most of the year. I was depressed quite a few times.

Wanted to learn guitar. Have successfully postponed that for one more year.

Repeated the same mistakes I thought I wouldn’t do yet again. Figured I might do them again.

Failed, quite a few times. It hurt.

Was an egoistical asshole quite a few times. That hurt too in hindsight.

Learnt that nothing matters, that each day that I wake up to is new and that I have to be graceful about it.

Just doing what I love could be the best thing I could give myself.

I could say I lived a lot this year.