Kaloorie !

I see a lot of movies these days ! Not all make an impression . But this one did and by lots . In fact i was very moved after the movie was over . I am like listening all the songs again and again nowand that too “unnarugil varugayil” and “un paarvayil oor aayiram kavithai naan ezhuthuven ! ”


There was so much friendship, romance,love and all of them were so natural but for the climax. And that too , the way it happens ! cha ! I know its only a story and even the real event didnt make such an impression on me . I have seen the movie many times already now and skipped the climax alone since the first time!
I dunno, probably tragedy is not my choice of movies 😦

The World’s Best Chat Box – Any guesses ???

I chat a lot. Thanks to the OC internet i have been lucky enough to get in college 😛 . Until recently i had gmail as my best chat client ! i never thought any other chat box can replace the gmail chat. I have even chatted in IRC during my LDTP project but then i found a new way of chatting that is very funny and interesting !

Most of you should know about VNC and gedit. Well , start a VNC server and open a gedit in that, Now two people have to open the same vnc session and use gedit as their chat client 🙂 ! I never thought that would be too much fun with all the typos and other mistakes 🙂   The very first chat session i had like that went on for hours and yeah u dont even need to have net for this ! Actually this idea came up when the OC internet connection got screwed up for that day and chatting was inevitable 😛

Life @ college !!

Well ! I cant write this in one post ! I am in third year of my college having the time of my life !! If you don’t understand , Am having life of my own not over-shadowed by other’s ideas or thoughts or actions ! I am having great times with my friend’s, doing only what I want to do. I always get a feeling whats better life has in its store for me ! Seriously , I cant ask for more ! Be it work, be it fun , be it getting damaged or be it getting treats or giving treats , I am having a good deal of all of them. I am having a lot of problems also just to remind me that this is not some dream but LIFE, but then that is no reason to be feeling depressed or sad ! I have lots to learn in college and lots to enjoy , suffer and taste in the remaining two years. Thank you for all the people who make/made my life at college so wonderful. My only worry is I don’t miss home, because I already feel home :p

PS : This post is entirely for me and to remind me of the good times when I am having a bad one :P. So no complaints.