The command liner !

Probably one of the features that amazes me in Linux are the power and cuteness of the command line applications ! Right now but for watching videos, working with images , I have found ways to do stuff entirely on the terminal. Whats better ?? Its fast – really fast and completly productive. Let me brief few of my recent infatuations in command line apps.

* Every wonder how fast your browser can be in Elinks ??? No pop ups, no images, but absoultely cool plain test views,option to see images using eog , tabbed browsing, history, bookmarks, history : everything one might need in a modern day browser. It doesnt crash , doesn’t require extra plugins for working. Actually above anything else its the speed of browsing is what that beats me ! Too good. Check my gmail window in elinks 🙂

* Okay , One thing Elinks might not have is the chat feature. But there is a better client than that. Finch : Welcome to the command line Pidgin. If you already new Pidgin, then Finch is the exact ditto for the shell and If you didn’t know about Pidgin, u are missing something 😛 With Finch u can GTalk , AIM chat , yahoo , IRC , jabber talk and lots more. Once again the simplicity and speed beats any other application.

* And for everything there is Emacs plus shell combination. So the only thing I need the GUI is for watching videos and similar stuff where GUI is not a luxury but plain necessity.

* Of course I am still on the learning curve for Emacs and so sometimes when going gets tough I use Gedit. Now something great about gedit is that one can extend it in large ways to suit one’s need. With a good GTKSourceview color scheme and font selection , coding can be a wonderful experience. (Gedit doesn’t fit in command line tools, but sometimes its as much helpful 🙂 )

I accept GUI has a friendly effect, simplicity of use. But what me miss is that after a few tries the command liners are simpler to use , more productive and damn cool , (particularly when you are showing off :P)

Dial up in Ubuntu 7.10 – Gutsy Gibbon

WOW ! ! Dial up is working in linux FOR me ! Well this might not be news for many , but yeah its a big one for me ! Without this i had been disconnected for more than one semester hols .
What did i do for making the dial-up work ??
Simple – Installed Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon ran wvdial – the gnome PPP dialer! it worked just out of the box ! All i had to know was to do was to add
my user name and password for the dial up connection ! sweet isn’t it ??
1. sudo wvdialconf
this generated a wvdial configuration file for connecting to net using ur modem

2. sudo gedit /etc/wvdial.conf
change the username, password and dial up number in that file of my ISP .2.png
3. sudo wvdial
it throws a lot of garbage and then finally obtains few DNS & IP addresses!

Then u can use firefox or any other application to connect to net ! thats all 🙂

Now after this , i also installed a gnome application called PPP dialer , which is a GUI for wvdial.

Just a day has passed since i came back home . Already two big things happened ! Hope hols have lots more for me 😛

PS : the other thing is OGRE, which will be in another blog 🙂

Brain F**k, White Space and Intercal

First of all : i am not swearin at you. For People who dont know these are the names of programming languages meant to toughen a programmer’s life.

Brain F**k : This is world’s most horribly smallest programming language.
Its compiler can just understand 8 symbols :- + – . , [ ] Thats all.
all your logic has to be converted to this. Search Wikipedia for more about this abnormally fast language. More whoopier is the size of the compiler: just 16kb !!!

And INTERCAL – The full name of the compiler is “Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym”, which is, for obvious reasons, abbreviated “INTERCAL”.
I mean how vetti people can be to create a programming lanugage just for the sake of it, when it has no advantage than any other programming language !!!(no offense)

So Next time if you hear u think some one is swearing ,be careful,actually he/she may be mentioning a programming language’s name 🙂

PS : i am not giving the exact links because i dont want my blog to be blocked from my college, but u can get them very easily by googling them!!!

My Longest Gmail chat ever :)

I knew doing a project means, lot of surfing, chatting and free time and some last minute work. (Though i really have a lot of work to do in my project,) i do really chat a lot. and yesterday night i had this google chat with hari for 1100+ lines.
So now who is next ????
check that out here.. 🙂