In Trance

Have you ever been in a state where you don’t know what day/date is it and seriously have no idea of knowing it ? Have you been where nothing matters and you are totally impervious to everything that happens around you ? It is as if you realize nothing matters and so you let go of everything ? That is a dangerous place yet a really happy place to go to ! I know it drives you crazy to be there at times and at others its really enjoyable. You pass out of the college, you are supposed to feel bad. But You are as if you never lived there. You are going to a job of your dreams, you are supposed to feel good. But You are as if it never mattered and then you start wondering if that is really a job of your dreams !  All you care about is the boost that you get in the morning – is it hot enough ? does it have enough sugar ? and even that, most of the times is perfect and you tend to not care about that !

May be too much of leisure does not do good on you ! But that again sucks ! You don’t want to be the workaholic everyone knows you to be ! Then you are clearly confused what to do next. You both love and hate what you do and what kind of person does that make you ! You love doing night-outs but don’t want to do them because that makes you not normal. How can you possibly both love and hate topcoder at the same time ? Or is love and hate the same thing ? Is that all it comes down to ? May be its tough to love and hate a thing; but maybe its not that tough to like and dislike the same thing ? And what is liking and what is loving ? Where do you draw the line ? and why should it be a line and not a  curve ? And why the heck do you use so many smiley-s ?

You know you are in trance and you want to get out of it. You think/wish that it will change when you go places, but that is yet to be seen. I wish it changes for you, that you don’t get into this stupid trance once again and you laugh at this post that I even cared to write it for you!

Peace ! Vaazgha 🙂

Streaming from Amritapuri

Our team, LRSL ( named so after Last Row of Sun Lab , sort of a cult back in college) consisting of Abilash , Natraj and myself qualified for ACM ICPC Amritapuri regionals round. Its on 6th and here we are at Amrita Kerala Campus. The place is so wonderful and the hospitality of this place is so stunning. The food, hostel and everything else are too good. The Organisers have also planned for trip around to the local beach house and so on. So three days filled with coding, superb food, fun at the beach and superb people around, What better way could I have started the Holidays with 🙂

PS: Probably Life is a roller coaster ride, One day you are at the bottom and the other day you are at the top 😐

Merging multiple PDF files in Linux

I always had trouble maintaining multiple PDF’s of same genre. A simple command – pdftk will do the trick of merging them together into a single PDF file. pdftk is present in Ubuntu repository itself.

Using the command is also very simple.

pdftk input1.pdf input2.pdf … cat output output.pdf

so if a.pdf, b.pdf so on are the pdf files u want to merge and the output file is combined.pdf then the command will be

pdftk a.pdf b.pdf cat output combined.pdf

Now if you a folder full of pdf files that you have to merge into a single pdf file , you can give something like

pdftk *.pdf cat output combined.pdf

The only problem being that *.pdf might not take the input in the order you want. So you have to name the files such that doing an ls in the directory gives the files in the order in which you wanted them to be merged in the final output pdf file. say file00.pdf file01.pdf and so on.

Pengufest '08

Too much happened during Pengufest ’08. Lots of fun and lots of kelaas aka damages !  I cannot thank enough all the people who were a part of pengufest and the list is whole of GLUG-T! I really loved working with you guys and it was a wonderful learning experience for me conducting an event of this scale ! Wish I did more justice 😦

If I go into details , this would become a really very big post and so lets just skip all the stuff and all I will say is Pengufest 08 went well!

Yeeey !! Exams over !!!

Exams over! By far the worst exams i have given. Whats more ?? I dont feel bad about it !! In fact this time it never gave the feeling of exams. Guess i have grown up enough that i dont take exams that seriously 😛 .

And for the holidays the major part i will be doing a project in IIIT hyderabad continuing what i did last sem but this time hari, yazhini and vinod . And so this is going to be lots more fun 🙂 with them. And manas says we are gonna work with him too !! Guess hols are going to be exciting 😀