Two months in Bangalore !

Today I complete two months in Bangalore. (And in another two days, two months at Yahoo! as well – which is in a different story). I am not so sure what to make out of these two months. Its pretty mixed up. I always fancied living in a city but now that I live in a city I kind of feel city life is pretty fast for me. Back at Neyveli or Trichy it used to be at a pretty comfortable pace and I could always find my ground. I know I will get used to this eventually, but the question is what would I be missing.

Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of wonderful things in Bangalore. There are a lot of interesting events, opportunities and _people_ around the place. And then my work, colleagues and experiences at office. There is a lots of learning going on technically, emotionally and socially etc. I realize I have changed a lots over the past two months, sort of matured (much to my own and my friends irritation). Think I am no longer the same 8th std kid I was.

Also for the first time, my thought process has widened like anything. I am really confused about almost every choice I make. I really miss the implicit spoon feeding I enjoyed at college and before. There is no predefined path ahead. Figuring out everything by myself, knowing that it could make a significant difference is overwhelming. But I hope in coming days I will find out what I really want out of myself and when that happens I could as well connect the dots looking backwards.

I feel kind of funny and stupid, having written this post now. But in retrospect I have felt that most of the times.

PS: All the best for Bala, Nagu, Gokul, Vishwa , Prabhu, Dado to name a few among my friends who are leaving/left to US for higher studies. Have a nice time guys !

Moving on !

When I am starting to plan my weekends at bangalore ,I know I have moved on from my college life !

Well, This may be fast, but I suppose it is good that it happened fast. There are still a few things though, that I wish I had done in college, rather got the courage to do in college. But I guess it will pass by as time progresses.

Right now terribly bored of staying home. Somebody pointed out rightly that may be home-sickness is sick of being at home for a long time.

12 more days to go !

Venting out

For once I felt really bad that I joined NIT Trichy of all places and I was really really sorry for myself. I have got some really wonderful people from the college: friends, staff and teachers who make me love the college and make my time fun and memorable.But there are also equally bad ones among them that make me feel miserable and sick. Frankly I am very depressed with what people can do to me for the worse, inspite of me being myself. In a moment, I want to leave a mark before I leave the college, thinking of how to help, sun lab, GLUG-T and my delta juniors and suddenly there was a sick mishap and all I am cared about is leave that screwed up place as soon as possible for good. I am more depressed that I have many bad memories about the place.

With power comes responsibility and its time some people realized this.

But what can I do but for silently cry and writhe in pain and people who do this to me sleep peacefully at night. Is to ask for a life in college with self dignity such a crime ? I wish I had more courage.

PS : I have a wonderful set of friends, seniors, juniors and professors whom I am looking forward to for four more months.

Memorable weekend @ Banglore

Before starting, to my anna and anni , wish you a happy married life 🙂

Went to Banglore for my cousin Brother’s marriage which went really well. Had a wonderful time with relatives after a long time. I always thought I had lots of kid cousin brothers and sisters. Now they are growing up really fast and a sad corollary is that I am growing too, which means I have to be more responsible and blah blah blah.

Also had the best of times with PK man, Donatello , Venkat , Thalaiva , Hari, Rajagopal and Alagu. Roamed around Brigade road and Garuda for some time and sweared many a times how costly the living is in banglore. By the way Donatello and Venkat are rocking big time in IISc, so much so that there are rumours in the college that there is a D.V.Raman(venkat’s full name abbrevated other wise 😛 ) in the making.

Meanwhile our team LRSL for ACM-ICPC ( myself , abhilash and nutty ) qualified for the amrita regionals onsite round after some scene coding by nutty. This happened on same day of the marriage and it was actually kind of hectic being at two places at the same time. Looking forward for the Kerala trip in december where we will be particpating against some biggest programming minds of the country.

There were lots more to the weekend which is personal and might even be trivial. But the thing is all of them added up to a really awesome weekend

PS : updated to Intrepid Ibex and obviously it rocks 🙂 Had some hiccoughs with the installation because of my hard disk getting older, but then went for a full format and its working like a charm now 🙂