Old is Gold !

Yeah , Big time and Old songs kicks a$$.
The past two days had been a wonderful experience listening to the Maestro’s music. Technically my music knowledge is zero , if not negative , but I could very well feel the difference. His excellency , Illayaraja’s compositions , each and every one of them rocks big time and after each and every song, I am just craving for more 🙂 Am getting his full collection soon. (Until now , I was very selective to AR only). And when I googled , I came to know that there is a separate chapter for the ‘Isai Gnaani’ in British bachelor of fine arts – Music course. Too good isnt it?

PS : whats more better this time , Now My father would also switch off the TV and listen to the songs from my Laptop. Earlier There was a strict No-No for Music from laptop 😀

PS 2 : This post is my recent found interest in maestro’s music. To each crow its kutti , gold 😛