In Trance

Have you ever been in a state where you don’t know what day/date is it and seriously have no idea of knowing it ? Have you been where nothing matters and you are totally impervious to everything that happens around you ? It is as if you realize nothing matters and so you let go of everything ? That is a dangerous place yet a really happy place to go to ! I know it drives you crazy to be there at times and at others its really enjoyable. You pass out of the college, you are supposed to feel bad. But You are as if you never lived there. You are going to a job of your dreams, you are supposed to feel good. But You are as if it never mattered and then you start wondering if that is really a job of your dreams !ย  All you care about is the boost that you get in the morning – is it hot enough ? does it have enough sugar ? and even that, most of the times is perfect and you tend to not care about that !

May be too much of leisure does not do good on you ! But that again sucks ! You don’t want to be the workaholic everyone knows you to be ! Then you are clearly confused what to do next. You both love and hate what you do and what kind of person does that make you ! You love doing night-outs but don’t want to do them because that makes you not normal. How can you possibly both love and hate topcoder at the same time ? Or is love and hate the same thing ? Is that all it comes down to ? May be its tough to love and hate a thing; but maybe its not that tough to like and dislike the same thing ? And what is liking and what is loving ? Where do you draw the line ? and why should it be a line and not aย  curve ? And why the heck do you use so many smiley-s ?

You know you are in trance and you want to get out of it. You think/wish that it will change when you go places, but that is yet to be seen. I wish it changes for you, that you don’t get into this stupid trance once again and you laugh at this post that I even cared to write it for you!

Peace ! Vaazgha ๐Ÿ™‚

EOF for college.

Firstly, twitter has very much changed my blogging habits. I just tweet everything and hence there is not much need to blog anything. Plus twitter has a cute name :P. But I suppose I would be blogging now that I have a decent internet connection and infinitely free daytime. Secondly, what I am trying to acheive from this post is unknown to myself.

Yes, I am done with my college life. I am not sure if I am so happy about it or sad about it.There are mixed feelings about leaving college. At times I think of the happiest and the most productive times I have had in college. Would never get back those times. But at other times I have had the worst of times, emotionally and academically.

Happy sometimes because there are quite a few accomplishments and more than anything I have done almost everythingย  I wanted to do when I joined. Probably if I had applied for higher studies it would have been complete. But no regrets. I am really happy for my friendship circle. I belong to various gangs at various times and it was fun to keep up with every gang. I know wouldn’t miss my really close friends for we would be in touch but its the juniors and other people I would miss. I have had the honour and the luck to have the best of people in my year, seniors and juniors who have all helped me in some way or the other.Will miss you guys ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Sad sometimes because I see myself two-three years before and what I am now. I am lot less aggressive and I have greatly reduced my expectations. Should be changing that. Some people have really troubled me during these four years. Whatever it is I just want to say to those people is , no more grudges, Have a happy life. But I guess sad situations have taught lessons about people which I am grateful for.

Coming to the last semester, I wasn’t that attached to college but for Delta and surroundings before the last semester. Last semester was a pleasure and memorable experience. Four trips, NITTfest, endless treats, endless volleyball, new friends from department, final year project and so on. I should mention the infinitely enthusiastic department juniors without whom I don’t think there would have been so much fun.

Coming to Delta, I would miss it the most. The LRSL and sun lab is the difference between myself in 1st year and now. I owe everything to it. The juniors gave me a cubicle item with a delta mark on it. Guys it was awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚ There is not words to what this lab means to me and so my request goes like this – Couples who come to sunlab, please don’t spoil the sun lab atmosphere, its not a study room, much less a group study room. By far most of the productive work in college happens here and don’t spoil that.

I am not really that much of a sentimental person and I did feel some induced senti when people left the college. Yes I would miss them, yes there is very less chance of meeting all of them together once again is less, But I just tell myself anyone is just a phone call away or email away and there is always gchat ๐Ÿ™‚ Those who miss me, you have my number ๐Ÿ˜› And more than that, there is a world of opportunities open for all of us ahead. There is going to be much fun, work and people, but maybe yes, not like what we had in college. I am really excited to be going to banglore and see what I would be able to do there. If you are coming there, just drop a comment. Lets catch up ๐Ÿ™‚

There are a lots of people I would miss being with. I am grateful that I shared my loveliest times with you. I will always cherish that ๐Ÿ™‚ And all you worsht people who had great times pulling my leg, may god protect you from the sins you have committed ๐Ÿ˜› and really I don’t mind, atleast now. I have equally funny getting-chaated sessions ๐Ÿ™‚

And for those I have hurt , I am really sorry :(, never did anything intentional or against my conscience.

Have fun ๐Ÿ™‚ God Bless.

Bye Bye NIT Trichy !

PS: I know its not such a good work, But when have I ever been good with words ๐Ÿ™‚

A Cow in a room

All incidents and people in the story are real.

4.00 am:

Karthi wakes up for a midnight leak. Comes out of his room and turns right once , left on… Wait!!!  did he see something in his right. Turns back and looks again. Some one with a strange dress is standing outside a few rooms away from his room holding the door tight.Karthi is a bit scared. Karthi moves reluctantly near the person and finally he finds out who the person is !

karthi : Dei neeeyaa ??? innum thoongala ? ( hey its you ?? havent slept yet ? )
person :saniyane, thoongitu thaaan da irunthen ( I was sleeping only)
karthi: (bemused , irritated) approm ippa enna pannitu irruka ? ( what the f*** are you doing now then ? )
person: room kulla oru maadu irruku da! i got scared and came outside.
karthi:( shocked to hear such a reply ,) dei monna naaye, nee thookatula olarathukku naan thaan kedachena ? poi olunga thoongu da ( WTF ???  a$$ hole , u are sleep walking, go sleep).
person: Dei please help da, i slept at 3 only, help me get the cow outside. i want to sleep
karthi: (strikes head five time saying ayyo ayyo and goes to finish what he woke up for)

The poor person waits  outside the room for some time , reality still finding a tough time to sink in and finally after 5 min and once he got convinced he had been dreaming/sleep walking , he still carefully opens the door, checks if there is a cow in the room and then goes to sleep like a baby

10:30 am
karthi: dei , un roomla maadu eppdi da irruku ? (how is the cow in ur room ? )
person: what non sense ? I am in first floor and how the heck can a cow climb up here ? have u been dreaming ???
karthi: dei @#!$$^%$^&%*&*(&^&***^&%
( the surrounding crowd mockingly beats up the person )
End of another of the crazy days for the person

PS : person = suren  = myself ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The summer holidays it was !

Well , another end of holidays ! This time for the first time , I wanted to be free , thoughtless , not bothered about anything, well I _wanted_ to be and It seems you dont get always what you want ๐Ÿ™‚

So I had been doing a lots of stuff , or the same things again and again , as usual ! Here is a small gist of people places , stuff that had kept me occupied !

House MD –ย  Anjuta – OSP – Finch – elinks – IIT Alak hostel – basera dinner – Besant nagar beach – football with the kutti pasangaย  there – Tiffany’s sambar vadai and Idly – IIT Madras Nueral networks Lab – The funny team there – the invisible brother – the beggar – the prank – water cooler-ย  – the chronicles of the satya , monkey and the icecream – kakarat and the aftermath – STD calls to hari – Banglore trip – Google Banglore : the big monitors , the microkitchen , the playroom – Yahoo! : foozballย  – Alagu’s room and the timeless/precious mokka there (Man i miss it ! ) – Taggy’s truce – some blessed road in banglore ๐Ÿ˜› – Gopi and gang’s room in banglore – falling in love with django – Big bang theory – Star dust – Murugan Idly shop – MTC buses and footboarding –ย  Crooked house – Brida – jeeves- the never ending / never satisfying placement preps – The surgery in my toe – lunch and cards at Hari’s home – being the accountant of a settled young man – the back stabbing and the aftermath – the wierd kids – the useless and pathetic two !

There are lots and lots more which I dont even remember properly ! All of it happened in a span of one month or so. So though it is not what I aimed for , its better than the usual poking in front of the computer and whiling away ! Still there is a hyderabad journey sometime soon ! dunno when though ! Hope you guys/girls (well I am just being optimistic :D)ย  had a nice holidays too ! see you in college soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Back home !

After a month long project academic project at IIT Madras , I am back home ! Yaaaay ! Nice food and some rest for a day or two ! In fact a rest from seeing NIT Junta – More than half of them are in IIT-M doing a project ๐Ÿ˜›

So Now that I am back home , What are my plans ?

* Prepare For placements and get a satisfactory job .
* Topcoder
* Anjuta – Python plugin
* Have fun with my brother, who is coming mostly to NITT itself
* Have a shutdown day and if possible shutdown week. ( My shutting down is not from net , but not signing to Gmail , Orkut , Twitter or this blog)
* Manage a trip to Hyderabad !
And yeah , MGL 2008 is coming up and wish those guys a better luck for a successful MGL !

And there are lots of stuff which I would like to do but wont do out of laziness ! So its not worth mentioning here ๐Ÿ˜›