Memorable weekend @ Banglore

Before starting, to my anna and anni , wish you a happy married life 🙂

Went to Banglore for my cousin Brother’s marriage which went really well. Had a wonderful time with relatives after a long time. I always thought I had lots of kid cousin brothers and sisters. Now they are growing up really fast and a sad corollary is that I am growing too, which means I have to be more responsible and blah blah blah.

Also had the best of times with PK man, Donatello , Venkat , Thalaiva , Hari, Rajagopal and Alagu. Roamed around Brigade road and Garuda for some time and sweared many a times how costly the living is in banglore. By the way Donatello and Venkat are rocking big time in IISc, so much so that there are rumours in the college that there is a D.V.Raman(venkat’s full name abbrevated other wise 😛 ) in the making.

Meanwhile our team LRSL for ACM-ICPC ( myself , abhilash and nutty ) qualified for the amrita regionals onsite round after some scene coding by nutty. This happened on same day of the marriage and it was actually kind of hectic being at two places at the same time. Looking forward for the Kerala trip in december where we will be particpating against some biggest programming minds of the country.

There were lots more to the weekend which is personal and might even be trivial. But the thing is all of them added up to a really awesome weekend

PS : updated to Intrepid Ibex and obviously it rocks 🙂 Had some hiccoughs with the installation because of my hard disk getting older, but then went for a full format and its working like a charm now 🙂

Reminescence – 1

If you dunno Hari and Taggy , then the reminder of the post is not of any interest to you !

Today morning I had ssh-ed to codelabs server , for some small work. As soon i login I see this :

bash-3.2$ ssh root@
The authenticity of host ‘ (’ can’t be established.
RSA key fingerprint is <some big mac address here>
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
Warning: Permanently added ‘’ (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
root@’s password:
Last login: Sat Jul  5 13:09:40 2008 from
Hi taggy , clean up your home soon
Else you will find a 🙂 in your home folder

[root@codelabs ~]#

You know what ? I was there when hari did this motd change , but then it made not much  of an impression! But now it brings a lot of happy & funny memories ! Did not want to miss it later , if some one<most probably me> reinstalls the codelabs server:P

Damage #4

Of all people who give me damages/kelaas , I will say Hari,Taggy and Alagu take up lead roles but I like it very much
I send a forward to hari and few others like this :
“books say read me ! money says earn me ! time says plan me , flowers say smell me and  my sms says “just remember me” – good evening 🙂

and of all people I sent ,  Hari alone replies and that too in middle of a fun trip like this
books says read me but we dont do that , money says earn me but we dont  do that  too, time says plan  me but we end up wasting money  and  ur sms says remember! Which we are not going to do 😛 patti dog ! where do you get such forwards

you know if you met any of hari,taggy,alagu , you can never hate them if at all you cant like them  enough! And to know them all at a time and be their friends , you cannot complain life hasnt given you enough 🙂

PS : ennake theriyuthu romba over nu ! irunthaaalum ajjest please 😛

Pengufest '08

Too much happened during Pengufest ’08. Lots of fun and lots of kelaas aka damages !  I cannot thank enough all the people who were a part of pengufest and the list is whole of GLUG-T! I really loved working with you guys and it was a wonderful learning experience for me conducting an event of this scale ! Wish I did more justice 😦

If I go into details , this would become a really very big post and so lets just skip all the stuff and all I will say is Pengufest 08 went well!