A pleasant interlude #1

Off late posts have been rather monotonous. Here is an aberration 🙂

I met her when I was at my work that day. She had long dark hair. She was wearing red tops and a blue jeans. I thought she looked pretty. But then I was working and pretty hard at that. No time for distractions. Ironically, work brought us closer. We had to interact to get stuff done. It was pretty late when we were all done with our work and we ended up going to dinner, along with the rest of the team. Until this point, our conversations were strictly work related.

Then something happened that I totally unexpected. It was quite late and she just had a bicycle to get back to her place and everyone had left. Being a gentleman that I am, I offered to walk her back. Surprisingly, she accepted. Don’t read too much into it. It was a sensible thing to do that late in the night.

“We don’t have to walk. I could ride the bicycle with you on the back”. I can never say yes to that.

“Why, do you think I can’t?” Yes, I thought she couldn’t. But I blushed and beat around the bush.

“Thats bad. We have a cycle, but now both have to walk and its quite some distance.” What other option did I have but to offer to ride it myself.

“Cool!”, she said.

I rode for a while. I hadn’t cycled for more than 3 years. And the cycle was not in perfect condition. With the wind against us, I was struggling. But my ego wouldn’t let me tell I can’t do it. After all if she thought she could do it…

My phone rang. Lucky I thought. We got down, I took my call while signaling her we could walk. There was a smirk on her face. I think she knew I was hoping we would walk. And we continued to walk after I was done with the call. She was talking a lot and I let her do it. Why I liked her talk, I have no idea. And then I said something funny. Not sure what it is now. She laughed…

We reached her place where we had to go separate ways. I bade her good night. Next morning I took a flight back to bangalore. The air hostess might have seen me smile. “Having a nice day sir?”. I smiled some more.

I can’t tell if she was actually interested in me or she was just really social. From my experience its always the latter. I don’t believe in fate, destiny and similar concepts. Neither do I believe in “made for each other” and such stuff that you find in romantic-comedy movies. Its just that something happened that day, something warm and if I get a chance to meet her one more time, I would probably tell her she was quite awesome. I don’t even remember her name right now. All I remember now is that it was a pleasant interlude.

In Trance

Have you ever been in a state where you don’t know what day/date is it and seriously have no idea of knowing it ? Have you been where nothing matters and you are totally impervious to everything that happens around you ? It is as if you realize nothing matters and so you let go of everything ? That is a dangerous place yet a really happy place to go to ! I know it drives you crazy to be there at times and at others its really enjoyable. You pass out of the college, you are supposed to feel bad. But You are as if you never lived there. You are going to a job of your dreams, you are supposed to feel good. But You are as if it never mattered and then you start wondering if that is really a job of your dreams !  All you care about is the boost that you get in the morning – is it hot enough ? does it have enough sugar ? and even that, most of the times is perfect and you tend to not care about that !

May be too much of leisure does not do good on you ! But that again sucks ! You don’t want to be the workaholic everyone knows you to be ! Then you are clearly confused what to do next. You both love and hate what you do and what kind of person does that make you ! You love doing night-outs but don’t want to do them because that makes you not normal. How can you possibly both love and hate topcoder at the same time ? Or is love and hate the same thing ? Is that all it comes down to ? May be its tough to love and hate a thing; but maybe its not that tough to like and dislike the same thing ? And what is liking and what is loving ? Where do you draw the line ? and why should it be a line and not a  curve ? And why the heck do you use so many smiley-s ?

You know you are in trance and you want to get out of it. You think/wish that it will change when you go places, but that is yet to be seen. I wish it changes for you, that you don’t get into this stupid trance once again and you laugh at this post that I even cared to write it for you!

Peace ! Vaazgha 🙂

A Cow in a room

All incidents and people in the story are real.

4.00 am:

Karthi wakes up for a midnight leak. Comes out of his room and turns right once , left on… Wait!!!  did he see something in his right. Turns back and looks again. Some one with a strange dress is standing outside a few rooms away from his room holding the door tight.Karthi is a bit scared. Karthi moves reluctantly near the person and finally he finds out who the person is !

karthi : Dei neeeyaa ??? innum thoongala ? ( hey its you ?? havent slept yet ? )
person :saniyane, thoongitu thaaan da irunthen ( I was sleeping only)
karthi: (bemused , irritated) approm ippa enna pannitu irruka ? ( what the f*** are you doing now then ? )
person: room kulla oru maadu irruku da! i got scared and came outside.
karthi:( shocked to hear such a reply ,) dei monna naaye, nee thookatula olarathukku naan thaan kedachena ? poi olunga thoongu da ( WTF ???  a$$ hole , u are sleep walking, go sleep).
person: Dei please help da, i slept at 3 only, help me get the cow outside. i want to sleep
karthi: (strikes head five time saying ayyo ayyo and goes to finish what he woke up for)

The poor person waits  outside the room for some time , reality still finding a tough time to sink in and finally after 5 min and once he got convinced he had been dreaming/sleep walking , he still carefully opens the door, checks if there is a cow in the room and then goes to sleep like a baby

10:30 am
karthi: dei , un roomla maadu eppdi da irruku ? (how is the cow in ur room ? )
person: what non sense ? I am in first floor and how the heck can a cow climb up here ? have u been dreaming ???
karthi: dei @#!$$^%$^&%*&*(&^&***^&%
( the surrounding crowd mockingly beats up the person )
End of another of the crazy days for the person

PS : person = suren  = myself 😦

The summer holidays it was !

Well , another end of holidays ! This time for the first time , I wanted to be free , thoughtless , not bothered about anything, well I _wanted_ to be and It seems you dont get always what you want 🙂

So I had been doing a lots of stuff , or the same things again and again , as usual ! Here is a small gist of people places , stuff that had kept me occupied !

House MD –  Anjuta – OSP – Finch – elinks – IIT Alak hostel – basera dinner – Besant nagar beach – football with the kutti pasanga  there – Tiffany’s sambar vadai and Idly – IIT Madras Nueral networks Lab – The funny team there – the invisible brother – the beggar – the prank – water cooler-  – the chronicles of the satya , monkey and the icecream – kakarat and the aftermath – STD calls to hari – Banglore trip – Google Banglore : the big monitors , the microkitchen , the playroom – Yahoo! : foozball  – Alagu’s room and the timeless/precious mokka there (Man i miss it ! ) – Taggy’s truce – some blessed road in banglore 😛 – Gopi and gang’s room in banglore – falling in love with django – Big bang theory – Star dust – Murugan Idly shop – MTC buses and footboarding –  Crooked house – Brida – jeeves- the never ending / never satisfying placement preps – The surgery in my toe – lunch and cards at Hari’s home – being the accountant of a settled young man – the back stabbing and the aftermath – the wierd kids – the useless and pathetic two !

There are lots and lots more which I dont even remember properly ! All of it happened in a span of one month or so. So though it is not what I aimed for , its better than the usual poking in front of the computer and whiling away ! Still there is a hyderabad journey sometime soon ! dunno when though ! Hope you guys/girls (well I am just being optimistic :D)  had a nice holidays too ! see you in college soon 🙂

Bus Travels in Chennai !

I know there are lot of people who don’t like Bus travel , particularly if its a crowded metro bus. At the end of the journey , you end up with sweat all over the body and completly exhausted and you have all reasons to dislike travelling in one such bus.

But I differ. Being brought up in townships like Neyveli ( No points for those who deduce I am from Neyveli) you get deprived of all these city ‘effects’. Like even for the latest Dasavadhaaram movie, ‘supposed’ to be so hard to get a ticket , my brother happened to get tickets right out of the counters , for just Rs 35 , in one of the theaters in Neyveli. I mean , there is no fun , camping the ticket counters, which happen in cities like Madras, so naturally,  if you get what I mean.

Sorry , deviated a bit. So my point is , I was always fond of foot-boarding a bus. I cant do that in neyveli , because There will hardly be 10-20 people in a NLC bus any time. If I foot-board in such a bus , the conductor is gonna ask me nicely ! So it was not possible to do that in Neyveli.

Now being in Chennai , I got a wonderful chance to foot-board the bus. I was going to meet my uncle in anna nagar from IIT madras . I took 47 and even when I boarded it was crowded. By the time I went to T.Nagar it was fully crowded and I was one of the 5 guys in the last step. The travel was about for one hour and one of my most memorable one’s. Though I didn’t know any one of my fellow foot-boarders , We had a really wonderful time , helping each other to get some space to stand and passing witty-but-no-way-hurting comments at the conductor and driver , who were having a rough time getting things going. At every stop , we had to get down and there will be more passengers added and we will board the bus back.

Well even as I say this , I no means forget the dangers of foot-boarding. Probably this might be my only try.But Come on I am not going to do this when I am 40. I do hate the MTC travels most of the time, but travels like this are kutti kutti fun in our life. Had you G.K Chesterton’s short story on “Running after one’s hat” , you might understand the difference better.

Probably If I had been brought up in Chennai , might not have seen so much fun in this. But as I am not , these aspects of a normal city life are still an excitement to me and brings out joy when I get to experience them. Its something like that ‘money cant buy you’ stuff that comes in ads 🙂