The Alchemist

Read The Alchemist by paul coelho . Wonderful book ! It gave me lots of things when I was just searching for them ! This book has changed a lots of ways i have been thinking ! But yeah , I myself have experienced it a few times  – ‘When u really want something then the whole universe conspires to get u that thing ‘

May be even I should follow my dream ! But for that I have to drop all other things I have got so far . Thats the catch – I am afraid as anyone to leave the comforts of where I am now. Hope I come out of it 😐 . Probably I can come back if i ever have to come back…

Solving a Rubiks cube

Rubiks cube :
this is the latest past time for me. Took one of my friend’s rubiks cube some three months back. Learnt how to solve the first and the second rows myself but the third row was the most difficult one. googled for solutions and got the correct algo from there.
My average is about 4 minutes and my fastest time so far is 2min 38 sec . But this is no where near to the world record which is whooping 9.56 seconds.