Yeeey !! Exams over !!!

Exams over! By far the worst exams i have given. Whats more ?? I dont feel bad about it !! In fact this time it never gave the feeling of exams. Guess i have grown up enough that i dont take exams that seriously πŸ˜› .

And for the holidays the major part i will be doing a project in IIIT hyderabad continuing what i did last sem but this time hari, yazhini and vinod . And so this is going to be lots more fun πŸ™‚ with them. And manas says we are gonna work with him too !! Guess hols are going to be exciting πŸ˜€

I am alive :P

Long time I blogged ! So i thought i will make an attendance here πŸ˜›
————Disclaimer: the content below is highly arbit, mokka(chaaat) and what not ! read at your own risk .———

There were lots of things I had to blog about but just when i was free to blog about them they were already old news πŸ˜› . My not at all bad (:P) cycle test performance ,My birthday and the bumps the night before, MGL treat, Festember(means 4 days of branddfood and cool drinks for those who dont understand) , Hari’s code looking “Sweet and cute” (!@#%%^&*(#) for him, lots of other kutti and big things happened :)! In a nut shell , in the midst of a happy and eventful college life !

Probably now a vague feeling hits me that what i am go to when I am going to be kicked out of the college with a degree in hand and some job ! I’m gonna miss my college badly ! Alagu once said if you do lots of things that you wanted to do in college then you will be the person who will be missing it so much ! Thats dawning on me already??? I know this is too early to start feeling too senti , but could not avoid it !

PS : Dont know why i even wrote this post ! Some people write arbit posts, some change templates, some even delete their blogs ! I put mokka πŸ™‚

Convocation ’07

The convocation ceremony for the Batch of 2007 was held yesterday in our college. I am close with a lot of seniors and it was sort of small reunion yesterday. It was really nice to see Alagu, Manas , Paari , Vishal and many others back in college . I missed them all during this first month of college 😦 as much as they missed the college.

I mostly spent time with Alagu after a small time with Manas in the morning. Alagu has become romba mokka, but to be with him is lots of fun. Imagine how would a guy placed in yahoo would come for a convo ceremony like this!! Alagu came in exact reverse. Infact he even had a senti haricut in our NITT saloon ! ( Usually we dont go to that saloon even in normal days πŸ˜› ). He talked a lot about many things and half the time it was like he will be asking me something – “hey do u know .. ” and my standard answer would be a no , he will then start explaining it. You talk to alagu for few hours , and you will come to know a lot of things. We had a lot of fun in canteen the exact nature of which cannot be disclosed here for obvious reasons :P.Alagu also gave me a few tips on involving myself with a open source project which I was already thinking upon. If only Hari could have been in college it would have more fun , (bless his SOC)

We also had his excellecy former president Dr.Abdul Kalam in our college who was the chief guest for the ceremony.He formally inaugurated the Central Lecture Complex which had been in use for an year now πŸ˜› and surprisingly one should note that the college has changed a lots in the last one week just for Kalam sir.. We have got a new ATM all of a sudden out of nowhere. The CLC which was just a building had become some park with properly laid out lawn , with elephant , duck, penguin statues and the whole place has been properly painted , well lit and looked like a perfect place for hanging out if added with a food stall :). I never thought such things can happen so fast !! But it was sad that he did not hand over the Degree to everyone. He gave them away only for P.Hd’s and the gold medalists.

On the whole it was a good day with full of fun. But thenΒ  good time is always followed by bad time. Facing Cycle tests next weeks and I dunno even whats happening in my class. Will have to start the night outs once again . sigh !

the other side of Hari’s Love story

first read this hari’s blog entry
okay !! though hari and manas told liked the same girl, hari did a really bad thing by actually rejecting another equally popular girl in the college, when she was actually behind him like anything.

actually earlier alagu knew about that girl very much and knew hari will waste his time with this girl as he would have a lot of Spider,Ldtp and other works to do. So he just asked the girl herself say to him that she does not have any feelings.she said so but actually had some feelings for hari and proposed her the very next year.

But hari took revenge on her, not realising that someone was trying to help him in the first place , even though the S girl he had mentioned in his blog had not proposed him at that time.

And the worst part is the S girl keeps doing something new , thanks to hari for supporting her , and this paavam girl could not do much cause of her own limitations which added to her frustration and poor performance in the college.
now , at least even after all i explained about this to hari, i don want him to find the same old love for her.Let him be happy with S itself, but cant he atleast be friendly with this paavam girl ???

Shame on you hari :p

My Longest Gmail chat ever :)

I knew doing a project means, lot of surfing, chatting and free time and some last minute work. (Though i really have a lot of work to do in my project,) i do really chat a lot. and yesterday night i had this google chat with hari for 1100+ lines.
So now who is next ????
check that out here.. πŸ™‚