A Wonderful movie ! I loved this movie from the first scene. No body is a villain , not even fate this time. Just people, their feelings, actions and how it all matters. Ellen Page as Juno is just wonderful. I am not gonna review this movie , but its here because it made an impact somewhere and I am happy that it did. If you are sick of the same old action masala plots that we are used to , then Juno would be a pleasant change !

Taata time !

The very feeling that I wont be seeing most of the treasured and best friends next time I go to college, just make me sulk. Probably one might think I am just putting too much senti or something like that, But I and I alone know how much it had mattered to me. You know I would have been a lot different in the negative sense if not for these people. This is not new , it happened last year also when alagu left ! But that time others were there and this time there will be none left 😦 . Alagu was telling me once , How much ones loves’ college that might he miss. Now all those reasons I loved my college, the people who made the reasons are passing out.  I just wish I get too much absorbed in the schedule to notice all this, I seriously wish. But its not going to be easy. I know I wont lose contact with all those who matter to me , but there is a obvious difference in seeing each other, going out for a dinner, sitting together and chatting. Whatever, however IM’s or orkuts change, they cannot replace the actual fun.

Thank you all you guys , who made my last two years or so , a wonderful , green time of my life. Have a great feature ahead ! And if there is something you have to get it done in college, I am always there , atleast for one more year 🙂

hugs !! Taata !!!

Damages #2

This one is one of my favourite ! Not actually a dumb one but pretty much damaging 🙂

Disclaimer: Things have been exaggerated a bit and the sole intention is to hurt readers stomach and none else 🙂

Prelude: I am in Wisdom club of our college ! This is one of the social clubs, the best I can say ! We are one really well knit and active group. Just when I joined it , we conducted Talentia ’07 , an inter-school event, which was a phenominal hit that year ! I personally did the Online quiz part and few other things ! Lots on talentia Later..

Event: But now since We did a good work , our seniors gave us money to treat ourselves in a nice restaurant ! It so happened that I had sit next to a girl (of course from our club) in the restaurant. (Hey thats not my mistake you know, things like that happen to everyone )
But shy person I was, i never turned much the other side, and “mostly” restricted myself to the all-boys side.(Now I see , what a waste 😛 ) . The girl next to me had been seeing the menu card for sometime and then …

girl : <i should order this> err. Excuse me Please !!
me :<oh she is finally calling me 😀 > Yes Please !
girl: <grrr !> I was calling the waiter !
me: <oops ! Fortunately no one heard> He he !
But everyone heard that and the whole group of 20+ people including me started laughing
me: <suren !! do the damage control daaa !! > ha ha ha ! That was so very funny of me ! <what am i talking ???> ha ha …..
On the hind sight, LOL ! I am dumb , but I love it as I never hurt anyone and my dumbness/stupidity always ended up in everybody laughing 🙂

Damages #1

Well this is yet another series which is going to reveal to the readers , that how dumb I am ! Most already know , but this is like ‘for the record’ 🙂

Chat #1: Me and my friend

Me: Hey, yeah by the way,when is your birthday ??
Friend: mine ??? Its on April 31st 🙂
Me:<I will damage now !!> haha ! Should have been April 1st 😛
Friend: <that should have been your’s> he he !
Me: Will do wel to remember that <still not realised there is not date as April 31st! How did it miss?? >
Friend: Okay 😛

#chat #2: Me In a group of 4 friends !
Me: <i will impress all by telling thier bdays properly> Hey your bday is XX-XX-XXXX and your’s is XX-XX-XXXX and yeah your’s is 31st April right ?? I have a good.. <stopped my all others laughter>
Friend #2: Dog, is there a Date as 31st April ??
Friend : U believed that when i said it was 31st april ! How dumb you are !
Friend #3: Evlo kevalam da nee ?( read how bad u are ?? )
me: <as usual got a big kelaaa> Hey, i am so innocent u know, I believe whatever my friends say ! <trying to damage control:P >
Friends: <laughing> Evlo kevalam nee !!!
Me: sigh ! !@##$%#^&!@#!@#

To be continued 😀

Everything about me # 1

Well , a complete personal post ! In fact a big series of posts ! To start with I am reviewing year 2007 !

2007 was an eventful year !
1. Final Semester for Alagu in college ! We used to spend so much time in sun lab and had lots of lots of fun ! Not to forget the LRSL photo session and the late night talks !
2. At the end of semester we had Algorithms tutorials taught by Prasanna (read Iyer ) and Siddarth(read Dart) which really changed the way I code and think !
3. I GPA eventually scaled down to 7.5 ! (Guess thats where I belong :P)
4. Got a Project under Jayanthi Madam from IIIT Hyderabad ! This gave me a nice experience of how projects could be and how well I can fit into one !
5. I got into Delta core ! Something I was looking forward to and knew some day some how I can get into
6. Then had the most useful time of my college time by conducting MGL ! In fact I never thought one can get so much money by teaching Linux ! (Still have that money and dont have much ideas what to do with that money )
7. Got a new hobby of Topcoding and Spojjing ! Though not fully involved at it yet, that has become a useful/addictive time pass now ! And learnt some python and started to love it 😛
8. Had some real real fun at my hostel with my friends and wing mates with the treats at dabba, volley ball and basket ball , occasional night outs for counter strike (hey i do play sometimes :P), and as usual night outs at sun lab !
9. Went to continue the project at IIIT hyd once again and this time I made some real progress ! Thanks to Hari, Yazhini and Vinod !
10. Not to forget some good time with Manas at hyderabad, especially at Microsoft annual party ! (Pity we both dont/cant drink :P)
11. Other things worth mentioning are “how I met your Mom” series , really funny/enjoyable chats with alagu ,shaggan, getting taggy irritated so easily, hacking spider (read getting caught badly hacking spider) , getting addicted to Calvin & Hobbes and other kutti kutti things 🙂
12. Last but not least , went to palani and shaved off my hair !

Before 2007 started , I had lots of dreams and resolutions ! Few got realized and the resolutions never came into picture :P.

But there is something strange about 2008 ! I didnt feel so happy or enthusiastic about the new year as would be earlier ! Thats why not even a happy new year post . I had got a new mobile (a VERY cool one for my use 🙂 ) , a new bike , a broad-band connection at home, getting a new laptop soon and lots more ! But then there is something which is missing and all these things seem so pointless ! Some times I just cant stop myself thinking , I am just another rat in the rat race !

to be continued …