Anything for you mam !!

A book on a IIT-an’s Love story By Tushar Raheja !

I loved this book. First, It had nothing to do with the ‘Tejas'(hero) being an IIT-an for it can happen to any Kuppan or Suppan from any college if at all being a college student is an requirement for the story . Next, its narrative style – very amateurish and romantic , making it sweeter ! Then the unbelievable coincidences, (may be they are not true , but who cares ?? ). A good read , particularly when you are pretty much frustrated with your cycle test marks and pathetic CPC scores and in my case both 😛

The Alchemist

Read The Alchemist by paul coelho . Wonderful book ! It gave me lots of things when I was just searching for them ! This book has changed a lots of ways i have been thinking ! But yeah , I myself have experienced it a few times  – ‘When u really want something then the whole universe conspires to get u that thing ‘

May be even I should follow my dream ! But for that I have to drop all other things I have got so far . Thats the catch – I am afraid as anyone to leave the comforts of where I am now. Hope I come out of it 😐 . Probably I can come back if i ever have to come back…