a blog post !

there is a popular joke in tamil , which goes like this !

Some arbit chap : sir, my life is so bad these days , tell me when I will be freed from these problems
Astrologer : (checks his palm..) I am sorry to say ,but its gonna be a dog’s life for u for another year ! <naai padaatha paadu , if that helps with the meaning ! >
SAC: oh ! 😦 but will it get over after  an year ??
A: Oh no ! But you will get so used to that it will no  longer bother you (:P)

Some times I wonder How true it can be ! The human mind is really a useless uncontrollable monkey , for it goes and sits in exactly the places I dont want it to go and sit, but as the case of that arbit chap , I guess I am used to that now and in fact doing well these days !


So what do I need for a really happy life ?
* my really awesome friends and more !
* a bike , just for me and me only
* a laptop which I already have
* some decent job to maintain these all
this will do for now , but it seems “u cant always get what u want” and that is where this whole crap of pursuit of happiness comes in 😛

I am back in college , having a heck of time 😀 ! I just wish me and all of my friends get placed as soon as possible and all of us have a rocking time from there on ! All the best to you guys and to myself.


My brother has a 95% chance of coming to NITT itself , If he comes me happiness to the power of infinite. Only recently I have been realizing How fond he is to me !


So whats to this arbit blog post ? I dont have an idea , probably twitter is too much down these days and I dont like friendfeed 🙂

Back home !

After a month long project academic project at IIT Madras , I am back home ! Yaaaay ! Nice food and some rest for a day or two ! In fact a rest from seeing NIT Junta – More than half of them are in IIT-M doing a project 😛

So Now that I am back home , What are my plans ?

* Prepare For placements and get a satisfactory job .
* Topcoder
* Anjuta – Python plugin
* Have fun with my brother, who is coming mostly to NITT itself
* Have a shutdown day and if possible shutdown week. ( My shutting down is not from net , but not signing to Gmail , Orkut , Twitter or this blog)
* Manage a trip to Hyderabad !
And yeah , MGL 2008 is coming up and wish those guys a better luck for a successful MGL !

And there are lots of stuff which I would like to do but wont do out of laziness ! So its not worth mentioning here 😛

Losing and getting my cell phone back !

How much we get attached to things ? How much pain we have to endure when we lose those things ? These questions I never really cared until I lost my cell phone this friday. I had gone for dinner with friends outside and was in a bit of depressive mood that I actually didnt know half the time what I was doing.

And suddenly when I check my pocket for cell phone , its not there. Something heavy dropped down in my stomach. I liked my cell very much. I dunno what really took me – my like for the phone, or the thing that I had lost it or what my parents might say! Then along with my friends Started searching for it. It took a minute to grasp the situation and then i called my number using my friend’s mob. One full ring – no one takes, connection canceled. Another full ring , no answer still. I ran back to the place where I ate , all the while calling my number. I was searching like a mad fellow at the eating place. Then some one took the call. Thank god it was some guy I knew and I got back my phone.

But after I got my phone back , I started wondering. How much we get attached to our stuff. And how bad it is in situations like this. I once had a discussion with hari about losing a cell phone and breaking one’s own phone.He said losing one’s phone is very bad than actually one damaging it oneselves’ knowingly . I guess I get his point now.

PS : I knew the guy like this : He had attended MGL classes and my phone had a Micro SD card named suren and few of my photos in it.

Damage #4

Of all people who give me damages/kelaas , I will say Hari,Taggy and Alagu take up lead roles but I like it very much
I send a forward to hari and few others like this :
“books say read me ! money says earn me ! time says plan me , flowers say smell me and  my sms says “just remember me” – good evening 🙂

and of all people I sent ,  Hari alone replies and that too in middle of a fun trip like this
books says read me but we dont do that , money says earn me but we dont  do that  too, time says plan  me but we end up wasting money  and  ur sms says remember! Which we are not going to do 😛 patti dog ! where do you get such forwards

you know if you met any of hari,taggy,alagu , you can never hate them if at all you cant like them  enough! And to know them all at a time and be their friends , you cannot complain life hasnt given you enough 🙂

PS : ennake theriyuthu romba over nu ! irunthaaalum ajjest please 😛

Anything for you mam !!

A book on a IIT-an’s Love story By Tushar Raheja !

I loved this book. First, It had nothing to do with the ‘Tejas'(hero) being an IIT-an for it can happen to any Kuppan or Suppan from any college if at all being a college student is an requirement for the story . Next, its narrative style – very amateurish and romantic , making it sweeter ! Then the unbelievable coincidences, (may be they are not true , but who cares ?? ). A good read , particularly when you are pretty much frustrated with your cycle test marks and pathetic CPC scores and in my case both 😛