On love and other things

Diclaimer: This post is my interpretation of two of melodramatic movies. Both of them with completely different story lines and one can go on to say they convey entirely opposite meanings. Also, I have no authority on the subject, but what the heck.

Serendipity is where John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale meet on a christmas eve,have precious few hours and feel a connection between them. He wants her number but she insists that, if fate wanted them to meet again, they would. So he writes his name and phone number on a 5 dollar bill and gives it away and she writes her name and phone on a book and agrees to sell it in a book shop. The rest of the movie is about how they meet again after few (predictable) twists and turns.

500 Days of Summer is about Joseph Gordon-Levitt who falls in love with Zooey Deschanel and believes she is his soul-mate, though she lets him know up front that she doesn’t really believe in relationships. When she breaks up with him and marries some one else, it does a real number on him. Eventually he lets her go, after he realises there is no such thing as destiny or soul-mate, instead everything is just coincidence.

As I mentioned earlier, the films are entirely contrasting in their message. While the first one is about how fate is always trying to get you to your significant other, the latter is that there is no cosmic significance to one’s love life. There is one common point though. Destiny or no destiny, what one gets is only the sum of how much passion he has towards that. The sum of all your actions decides where you go, or in this case, whom you get to live with. Life is short. Moments that you can remember are much shorter. What I am trying to get at it is, go have your moments. If you fail, that is okay. You can crib about it later. It will get you a real nice story to tell your friends at least.

Moving on !

When I am starting to plan my weekends at bangalore ,I know I have moved on from my college life !

Well, This may be fast, but I suppose it is good that it happened fast. There are still a few things though, that I wish I had done in college, rather got the courage to do in college. But I guess it will pass by as time progresses.

Right now terribly bored of staying home. Somebody pointed out rightly that may be home-sickness is sick of being at home for a long time.

12 more days to go !

Streaming from Amritapuri

Our team, LRSL ( named so after Last Row of Sun Lab , sort of a cult back in college) consisting of Abilash , Natraj and myself qualified for ACM ICPC Amritapuri regionals round. Its on 6th and here we are at Amrita Kerala Campus. The place is so wonderful and the hospitality of this place is so stunning. The food, hostel and everything else are too good. The Organisers have also planned for trip around to the local beach house and so on. So three days filled with coding, superb food, fun at the beach and superb people around, What better way could I have started the Holidays with πŸ™‚

PS: Probably Life is a roller coaster ride, One day you are at the bottom and the other day you are at the top 😐

Memorable weekend @ Banglore

Before starting, to my anna and anni , wish you a happy married life πŸ™‚

Went to Banglore for my cousin Brother’s marriage which went really well. Had a wonderful time with relatives after a long time. I always thought I had lots of kid cousin brothers and sisters. Now they are growing up really fast and a sad corollary is that I am growing too, which means I have to be more responsible and blah blah blah.

Also had the best of times with PK man, Donatello , Venkat , Thalaiva , Hari, Rajagopal and Alagu. Roamed around Brigade road and Garuda for some time and sweared many a times how costly the living is in banglore. By the way Donatello and Venkat are rocking big time in IISc, so much so that there are rumours in the college that there is a D.V.Raman(venkat’s full name abbrevated other wise πŸ˜› ) in the making.

Meanwhile our team LRSL for ACM-ICPC ( myself , abhilash and nutty ) qualified for the amrita regionals onsite round after some scene coding by nutty. This happened on same day of the marriage and it was actually kind of hectic being at two places at the same time. Looking forward for the Kerala trip in december where we will be particpating against some biggest programming minds of the country.

There were lots more to the weekend which is personal and might even be trivial. But the thing is all of them added up to a really awesome weekend

PS : updated to Intrepid Ibex and obviously it rocks πŸ™‚ Had some hiccoughs with the installation because of my hard disk getting older, but then went for a full format and its working like a charm now πŸ™‚

A Cow in a room

All incidents and people in the story are real.

4.00 am:

Karthi wakes up for a midnight leak. Comes out of his room and turns right once , left on… Wait!!!  did he see something in his right. Turns back and looks again. Some one with a strange dress is standing outside a few rooms away from his room holding the door tight.Karthi is a bit scared. Karthi moves reluctantly near the person and finally he finds out who the person is !

karthi : Dei neeeyaa ??? innum thoongala ? ( hey its you ?? havent slept yet ? )
person :saniyane, thoongitu thaaan da irunthen ( I was sleeping only)
karthi: (bemused , irritated) approm ippa enna pannitu irruka ? ( what the f*** are you doing now then ? )
person: room kulla oru maadu irruku da! i got scared and came outside.
karthi:( shocked to hear such a reply ,) dei monna naaye, nee thookatula olarathukku naan thaan kedachena ? poi olunga thoongu da ( WTF ???  a$$ hole , u are sleep walking, go sleep).
person: Dei please help da, i slept at 3 only, help me get the cow outside. i want to sleep
karthi: (strikes head five time saying ayyo ayyo and goes to finish what he woke up for)

The poor person waits  outside the room for some time , reality still finding a tough time to sink in and finally after 5 min and once he got convinced he had been dreaming/sleep walking , he still carefully opens the door, checks if there is a cow in the room and then goes to sleep like a baby

10:30 am
karthi: dei , un roomla maadu eppdi da irruku ? (how is the cow in ur room ? )
person: what non sense ? I am in first floor and how the heck can a cow climb up here ? have u been dreaming ???
karthi: dei @#!$$^%$^&%*&*(&^&***^&%
( the surrounding crowd mockingly beats up the person )
End of another of the crazy days for the person

PS : person = suren  = myself 😦

a blog post !

there is a popular joke in tamil , which goes like this !

Some arbit chap : sir, my life is so bad these days , tell me when I will be freed from these problems
Astrologer : (checks his palm..) I am sorry to say ,but its gonna be a dog’s life for u for another year ! <naai padaatha paadu , if that helps with the meaning ! >
SAC: oh ! 😦 but will it get over after  an year ??
A: Oh no ! But you will get so used to that it will noΒ  longer bother you (:P)

Some times I wonder How true it can be ! The human mind is really a useless uncontrollable monkey , for it goes and sits in exactly the places I dont want it to go and sit, but as the case of that arbit chap , I guess I am used to that now and in fact doing well these days !


So what do I need for a really happy life ?
* my really awesome friends and more !
* a bike , just for me and me only
* a laptop which I already have
* some decent job to maintain these all
this will do for now , but it seems “u cant always get what u want” and that is where this whole crap of pursuit of happiness comes in πŸ˜›

I am back in college , having a heck of time πŸ˜€ ! I just wish me and all of my friends get placed as soon as possible and all of us have a rocking time from there on ! All the best to you guys and to myself.


My brother has a 95% chance of coming to NITT itself , If he comes me happiness to the power of infinite. Only recently I have been realizing How fond he is to me !


So whats to this arbit blog post ? I dont have an idea , probably twitter is too much down these days and I dont like friendfeed πŸ™‚

Back home !

After a month long project academic project at IIT Madras , I am back home ! Yaaaay ! Nice food and some rest for a day or two ! In fact a rest from seeing NIT Junta – More than half of them are in IIT-M doing a project πŸ˜›

So Now that I am back home , What are my plans ?

* Prepare For placements and get a satisfactory job .
* Topcoder
* Anjuta – Python plugin
* Have fun with my brother, who is coming mostly to NITT itself
* Have a shutdown day and if possible shutdown week. ( My shutting down is not from net , but not signing to Gmail , Orkut , Twitter or this blog)
* Manage a trip to Hyderabad !
And yeah , MGL 2008 is coming up and wish those guys a better luck for a successful MGL !

And there are lots of stuff which I would like to do but wont do out of laziness ! So its not worth mentioning here πŸ˜›