Tu Kuja

Have you watched Highway yet? May be you should!

Veera finds that there are no locked doors and if she wants to escape, she is free to. And she does run but slips and falls down. Turns back to see this overwhelming view of Milky way in all its glory. She couldn’t take it anymore and runs back to her captors. “Tu Kuja” plays on the background.

While the rendition and the picturization itself is very beautiful and it kind of brought back beautiful memories from a past star gazing experience, there was something more to it and I had to understand what the song meant. I looked it up. It was poetry where I least expected it. Its a lamentation of a dejected heart thats wants something but can’t have it. Its a cry of a poor soul which knows it has to let go and move on but still can’t do it.

I don’t have a point to make. Its just that I love this song and movie for reasons I can’t fully comprehend.

There is another song which kind of invokes the same emotion in me – Kun Faya Kun.(Incidentally from the same director and same music director)

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