“You tried to do a startup, you are travelling, you could get a really good job if you so chose to, things are happening in your life. Only you alone fail to see that you are in a good place”

“Stop acting like an emotional trainwreck and start taking care of yourselves”

“You just don’t know what you want in life. But thats okay. It would be incredibly boring if you lived the rest of your life knowing what the end is going to be”

“Be awesome yourself first before seeking out someone else to be awesome with”

“Sometimes its ok to be selfish about what you want.”

Past few posts have been depressing and whiny. Probably I was that way for the past few months.

I have made many mistakes in the past two years. The root cause of most of it is not being truthful to myself. Some times it was because I lacked courage but mostly it was because I take easy ways out.

Sometimes I forget how grateful I must be for where I am. Even if I have to start from scratch, I am at a much better place than I could hope for right now!

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