You worked hard to get into a good school. You probably went to one of the best school there is. You put in a lot of effort to stand out there. You slogged hard when you could have just chilled out with your friends and may be had a good time. You stuck to the high standards that you defined to be above everything else, even your peace of mind and health, and at times even above people who cared about you.

Maybe you went to that high paying job that everyone else wished they had. You quit that too because it was getting too easy and pointless. You went after work, glory, purpose, money and what not and you wanted to get there fast. Maybe you even had a great start doing that.

But along the way you realize the place you wanted to go had changed and you are no nearer to it than you were one year ago. What is worse is you are no longer sure if there is even anywhere you want to go.

You hoped that in all that effort that you had put in, you were convinced that you *deserved* to be successful, to be content, to be happy, that you would know what you wanted.

Then at a random moment, it hits you. Something you probably knew but never really understood. That it had to be about the journey and not about the destination. That deserve’s got nothing to do with it.

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