The value of things

Dustin’s post about ‘The Best’ 

My father usually buys the most expensive of stuff. When he could have got any good color television 20 years back, he went for an imported Sony piece. The washing machine had to be an IFB. When there were two similar shirts in looks, he chose the costlier one

He never buys stuff that is cheap. He doesn’t go to place where one has to haggle.

Until I read Dustin’s post, I never completely understood this nature of his. He wasn’t really buying expensive stuff, he was just buying the best ones there are.

It seems so obvious now. That sony television was replaced in full working condition only for a much bigger screen. The washing machine is still working great for more than 10 years and could do another 10 easily. The shirts that he got me still looks good while the ones I bought are erstwhile.

None of the computers I had, lasted more than a year until I got a Macbook Air. I have spent more on multiple mobile phones whose total value could be of more than an  iphone. None of them were even half as good as the iPhone now.

So that makes my choices ahead really easy. Whenever I am buying a thing, I have to buy the best one there is. If I can’t afford it, then its simply no good to own anything less. And I don’t have to own anything that is not as important.

The things we buy should free us. The real value of a thing is how much it could free us. The best things there are the ones that chains us the least!

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