Goyaka labs

I had a very eventful and thrilling 6 month ride at InterviewStreet. Working at InterviewStreet was a very big learning experience. I was constantly found wanting when it came to doing almost anything and it was possibly one of the most challenging, demanding and enriching phases of my career.

But I also figured out, that I wanted few different things in life than being an early employee, So decided to leave and start up on my own with Alagu and Rajagopal . Enter Goyaka labs.

As a warmup exercise, we built a Flickr to Facebook photo migration tool. Luckily, we got covered by ZDnet, GigaOM and few other magazines. We had a fun time scaling our service to handle about 500K photosand 15000 albums within a week. Something we never imagined ourselves. What actually happened was this.

We have finished a Picasa to Facebook version as well. Its still unlaunched because of a Facebook bug that happens because of volume of photo uploads.

Thanks for all the folks who tried out and gave us feedback.

The journey has just begun. Wish us luck!

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