A pleasant interlude #1

Off late posts have been rather monotonous. Here is an aberration 🙂

I met her when I was at my work that day. She had long dark hair. She was wearing red tops and a blue jeans. I thought she looked pretty. But then I was working and pretty hard at that. No time for distractions. Ironically, work brought us closer. We had to interact to get stuff done. It was pretty late when we were all done with our work and we ended up going to dinner, along with the rest of the team. Until this point, our conversations were strictly work related.

Then something happened that I totally unexpected. It was quite late and she just had a bicycle to get back to her place and everyone had left. Being a gentleman that I am, I offered to walk her back. Surprisingly, she accepted. Don’t read too much into it. It was a sensible thing to do that late in the night.

“We don’t have to walk. I could ride the bicycle with you on the back”. I can never say yes to that.

“Why, do you think I can’t?” Yes, I thought she couldn’t. But I blushed and beat around the bush.

“Thats bad. We have a cycle, but now both have to walk and its quite some distance.” What other option did I have but to offer to ride it myself.

“Cool!”, she said.

I rode for a while. I hadn’t cycled for more than 3 years. And the cycle was not in perfect condition. With the wind against us, I was struggling. But my ego wouldn’t let me tell I can’t do it. After all if she thought she could do it…

My phone rang. Lucky I thought. We got down, I took my call while signaling her we could walk. There was a smirk on her face. I think she knew I was hoping we would walk. And we continued to walk after I was done with the call. She was talking a lot and I let her do it. Why I liked her talk, I have no idea. And then I said something funny. Not sure what it is now. She laughed…

We reached her place where we had to go separate ways. I bade her good night. Next morning I took a flight back to bangalore. The air hostess might have seen me smile. “Having a nice day sir?”. I smiled some more.

I can’t tell if she was actually interested in me or she was just really social. From my experience its always the latter. I don’t believe in fate, destiny and similar concepts. Neither do I believe in “made for each other” and such stuff that you find in romantic-comedy movies. Its just that something happened that day, something warm and if I get a chance to meet her one more time, I would probably tell her she was quite awesome. I don’t even remember her name right now. All I remember now is that it was a pleasant interlude.

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