I had a fairly easy school and college life.

I was born and brought up from Neyveli, a small town in Tamil Nadu. At school, I was spoon fed and overly encouraged to perform at levels which was not so easy for some one from elsewhere, say a city. I had the great fortune of having excellent teachers, mentors and peers, who made my task well defined and easier. Quoting one of my teachers, “Its so tough to fail the secondary examinations after all the training you kids have had”.

College was not so much very different. Though I consciously didn’t concentrate too much in academia, I ended up spending my time, working on stuff that I loved and excelled in them than most others. I learnt computer science, life skills, attitude from a wide variety of people. While there are many who made it bigger than me at college and thereafter, my mileage in college was unique to some extent and no way less accomplished. I had acquired talent that would get me a good job, friends with whom I going to share most of my future with and most importantly, an urge to do something big with what I loved to do. All this while, I had very limited setbacks. My decisions were easier to make, for I was naive to an extent and I had ample time and direction to make those decisions.

Things have changed. Its no longer an easy ride. There are no longer any simple decisions. There are bridges to burn and in some cases, not the ones I want to burn. There are opportunities I have messed/messing up. I am sure, this phase shall pass and at times I sense, this phase is more self inflicted than otherwise. But the constant uneasiness is new to me and I have a tough time shutting it out. I don’t know what I am trying to achieve by this post for even if there are few of you who might share my quarter life crisis, its no consolation. All is not well that just ends well, the means are equally important if not more.

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