Two months in Bangalore !

Today I complete two months in Bangalore. (And in another two days, two months at Yahoo! as well – which is in a different story). I am not so sure what to make out of these two months. Its pretty mixed up. I always fancied living in a city but now that I live in a city I kind of feel city life is pretty fast for me. Back at Neyveli or Trichy it used to be at a pretty comfortable pace and I could always find my ground. I know I will get used to this eventually, but the question is what would I be missing.

Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of wonderful things in Bangalore. There are a lot of interesting events, opportunities and _people_ around the place. And then my work, colleagues and experiences at office. There is a lots of learning going on technically, emotionally and socially etc. I realize I have changed a lots over the past two months, sort of matured (much to my own and my friends irritation). Think I am no longer the same 8th std kid I was.

Also for the first time, my thought process has widened like anything. I am really confused about almost every choice I make. I really miss the implicit spoon feeding I enjoyed at college and before. There is no predefined path ahead. Figuring out everything by myself, knowing that it could make a significant difference is overwhelming. But I hope in coming days I will find out what I really want out of myself and when that happens I could as well connect the dots looking backwards.

I feel kind of funny and stupid, having written this post now. But in retrospect I have felt that most of the times.

PS: All the best for Bala, Nagu, Gokul, Vishwa , Prabhu, Dado to name a few among my friends who are leaving/left to US for higher studies. Have a nice time guys !

5 thoughts on “Two months in Bangalore !

  1. Yeah Suren I very much feels the same way as you do. Life is pretty fast at bangalore and we will get used to it slowly, but the things we would miss from our past lives at college ,will rarely have time to really asses that and even when we could asses, we will find that life is like that every year or two it becomes more and more complex, remember when we were kid no wallet, no cellphones just pure fun now we have a wallet to take care of (read financial responsibilities), two mobile phones then there is office phone and the list goes on … so life is like that it grows complex as it grows.

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