Back home !

After a month long project academic project at IIT Madras , I am back home ! Yaaaay ! Nice food and some rest for a day or two ! In fact a rest from seeing NIT Junta – More than half of them are in IIT-M doing a project 😛

So Now that I am back home , What are my plans ?

* Prepare For placements and get a satisfactory job .
* Topcoder
* Anjuta – Python plugin
* Have fun with my brother, who is coming mostly to NITT itself
* Have a shutdown day and if possible shutdown week. ( My shutting down is not from net , but not signing to Gmail , Orkut , Twitter or this blog)
* Manage a trip to Hyderabad !
And yeah , MGL 2008 is coming up and wish those guys a better luck for a successful MGL !

And there are lots of stuff which I would like to do but wont do out of laziness ! So its not worth mentioning here 😛

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