Bus Travels in Chennai !

I know there are lot of people who don’t like Bus travel , particularly if its a crowded metro bus. At the end of the journey , you end up with sweat all over the body and completly exhausted and you have all reasons to dislike travelling in one such bus.

But I differ. Being brought up in townships like Neyveli ( No points for those who deduce I am from Neyveli) you get deprived of all these city ‘effects’. Like even for the latest Dasavadhaaram movie, ‘supposed’ to be so hard to get a ticket , my brother happened to get tickets right out of the counters , for just Rs 35 , in one of the theaters in Neyveli. I mean , there is no fun , camping the ticket counters, which happen in cities like Madras, so naturally,  if you get what I mean.

Sorry , deviated a bit. So my point is , I was always fond of foot-boarding a bus. I cant do that in neyveli , because There will hardly be 10-20 people in a NLC bus any time. If I foot-board in such a bus , the conductor is gonna ask me nicely ! So it was not possible to do that in Neyveli.

Now being in Chennai , I got a wonderful chance to foot-board the bus. I was going to meet my uncle in anna nagar from IIT madras . I took 47 and even when I boarded it was crowded. By the time I went to T.Nagar it was fully crowded and I was one of the 5 guys in the last step. The travel was about for one hour and one of my most memorable one’s. Though I didn’t know any one of my fellow foot-boarders , We had a really wonderful time , helping each other to get some space to stand and passing witty-but-no-way-hurting comments at the conductor and driver , who were having a rough time getting things going. At every stop , we had to get down and there will be more passengers added and we will board the bus back.

Well even as I say this , I no means forget the dangers of foot-boarding. Probably this might be my only try.But Come on I am not going to do this when I am 40. I do hate the MTC travels most of the time, but travels like this are kutti kutti fun in our life. Had you G.K Chesterton’s short story on “Running after one’s hat” , you might understand the difference better.

Probably If I had been brought up in Chennai , might not have seen so much fun in this. But as I am not , these aspects of a normal city life are still an excitement to me and brings out joy when I get to experience them. Its something like that ‘money cant buy you’ stuff that comes in ads 🙂

5 thoughts on “Bus Travels in Chennai !

  1. I travel by that route by bus almost daily! Trust me its not fun if you go by that bus almost everyday of the year. Sucks big time! Thats why I have been switching over to share autos nowadays. They are the boon for the chennai commuters!

  2. I prefer the bus to the train. At least you can ask the driver if you have any problems. Also in my experience, people who take the bus seem to be friendlier than those who take the train.

  3. Hey sounds like one of my trips footboarding the 21G… but i usually don’t footboard the whole journey… just for a bit till it gets hectic and irritating.. and yea footboarding everyday is really irritating…

    and @The Instant Publisher: people in trains are friendly as I take both the bus and train in Chennai.. But yea… wait till the metro in 2011 (hopefully if all goes well!!) Thats going to kick butt!!

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