4 thoughts on “Buggy Gmail ???

  1. I am not sure which ‘bug’ you are talking about but I see a few! Did you mean the order of the chat list has green icons after the red etc or the name of srinivas on your list disappeared and is acting weird? Well, both happened to me as well a few days back! I think gmail had a problem a few days back. It just got connection trouble. Also happens if you lose connection in the middle and then it reconnects something goes weird! The second issue stayed on for a while longer though even after I signed in and out.. not sure what is up. You are the genius, ask yourself! 🙂 🙂

  2. its kinda weird da, it has happened to me. May be pk’s connection got terminated n the chat msg from lavanya’s buffer has got thru.. dats y if u chat n go offline.. it gets notified thru an email or watever.. i’m not sure.. temme if i’m worng.. 🙂

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