Taata time !

The very feeling that I wont be seeing most of the treasured and best friends next time I go to college, just make me sulk. Probably one might think I am just putting too much senti or something like that, But I and I alone know how much it had mattered to me. You know I would have been a lot different in the negative sense if not for these people. This is not new , it happened last year also when alagu left ! But that time others were there and this time there will be none left 😦 . Alagu was telling me once , How much ones loves’ college that might he miss. Now all those reasons I loved my college, the people who made the reasons are passing out.Β  I just wish I get too much absorbed in the schedule to notice all this, I seriously wish. But its not going to be easy. I know I wont lose contact with all those who matter to me , but there is a obvious difference in seeing each other, going out for a dinner, sitting together and chatting. Whatever, however IM’s or orkuts change, they cannot replace the actual fun.

Thank you all you guys , who made my last two years or so , a wonderful , green time of my life. Have a great feature ahead ! And if there is something you have to get it done in college, I am always there , atleast for one more year πŸ™‚

hugs !! Taata !!!

6 thoughts on “Taata time !

  1. “Whatever, however IM’s or orkuts change, they cannot replace the actual fun.”

    Very true. 😦 😦

    But, consider this. You have got an year more in college. You have lot of juniors to talk to. You have a year more to learn before you take the next step – without seniors, who don’t torture you with their filthy advices, now it is your turn – torture your juniors πŸ™‚

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