Food and Computers !!!

Apart from these two , what really do I like ? A question from one of my friends just stumbled me. I turn back and look , I just see a chain of short lived fantasies all over. I cant remember How and Why I loved the rubiks cube ! I forget Why I wanted to be in NITT in the first place ! I loved football, Now i Dont. I loved F1, now I am least bothered ! I donno whats gone wrong in the past year ! What am I missing, I miss my sweet innocence ! I used to beleive in everyone, I used to see bright side of everyone, I used to think the world is a good place. I just dont now ! I dont use to sulk at things. Never brooded over things for hours altogether. All these things are happening now. There were tougher times earlier too, but never felt like running away ! Probably I am just losing it! Got to try and get out of it. Got to try and remember good times. Just wish I come out of all these soon ! I just don’t know what to do ! GRRRR !!!