My real Super hero !

Batman !

I love this guy. He does not have any special powers and thats what makes him even more adorable. All he has is the guts,wits,courage,skill and he never gives up. In one of the episodes of Justice league Super man will be trying to interrogate a villain threatening to kill him. But that villain wont even budge, Super man says “how does batman alone does that?”

Why do I like him the most, because Any one can become a batman ! I mean *anyone* . You dont have to be born with powers ,  talent or wealth. All you need is the courage to stand upto the thing you think is wrong !

PS : Well sadly there is something going on and I think its wrong. Even many others think its wrong. The inability to do anything about it make me feel like bursting away. Some day I will become a batman and then , bring it on you losers 🙂

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