Losing and getting my cell phone back !

How much we get attached to things ? How much pain we have to endure when we lose those things ? These questions I never really cared until I lost my cell phone this friday. I had gone for dinner with friends outside and was in a bit of depressive mood that I actually didnt know half the time what I was doing.

And suddenly when I check my pocket for cell phone , its not there. Something heavy dropped down in my stomach. I liked my cell very much. I dunno what really took me – my like for the phone, or the thing that I had lost it or what my parents might say! Then along with my friends Started searching for it. It took a minute to grasp the situation and then i called my number using my friend’s mob. One full ring – no one takes, connection canceled. Another full ring , no answer still. I ran back to the place where I ate , all the while calling my number. I was searching like a mad fellow at the eating place. Then some one took the call. Thank god it was some guy I knew and I got back my phone.

But after I got my phone back , I started wondering. How much we get attached to our stuff. And how bad it is in situations like this. I once had a discussion with hari about losing a cell phone and breaking one’s own phone.He said losing one’s phone is very bad than actually one damaging it oneselves’ knowingly . I guess I get his point now.

PS : I knew the guy like this : He had attended MGL classes and my phone had a Micro SD card named suren and few of my photos in it.

6 thoughts on “Losing and getting my cell phone back !

  1. true…. i sort of have this same thing each time my comp at home crashes and i need to format everytime… i wish i had a comp tht never had any problems…

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