Damage #5

There are two parts because both happened almost at the same time !

–part : 1 —
Getting a stomach upset is not a damage ! But it is a damage when there is no water in your hostel and the nearest place where you can go is to another hostel some three furlongs away and that too in a cycle , holding your stomach all the way ! Grrr!
–part: 2 —
You go to class late by < 5 min always and the very-nice-natured-teachers mark you absent for that and at the end of the session one has to go begging for attendance ! This is not at all a damage because the mistake is on my side ! But now since there was no water today , all i could do was brush with the drinking water and go to the other hostel and then be inside class at 8.25 for a 8.30 class. But the teacher comes 5 minutes late and takes the attendance at end of the class !

I better start worshipping Murphy as my kula theiyvam ! 🙂

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