The missing link !

–BEWARE : Highly philosophical chaat follows —


You might have seen this image somewhere ! There are many interpretations for this image . Some call its a zen image, some say parashakthi. One interesting observation is that , the white part is the female life form and black , the male counterpart. and there is a proper union only if they co exist and there is a masculinity in every female and a femininity in every male !  Read this abridged excerpt from one of my favourite books by Osho , on meditation,
“… The path for salvation is attained through understanding the actual meaning of one’s life. At the mother’s womb , there comes a stage where the child no more is in nueter gender and chooses either male or female. But after he/she comes out and spends some time in the world he/she realises that lost thing, which is  being searched for now, was not lost outside but inside before it came out ! So there starts the search for the lost male/female counterpart which she/he has lost. At 20 the search is outside ,that is away from you , that is you try to serach the happiness from some one else. At 50 you realise the lost part is within you. Reaching and realising that becomes the path to salvation.But the very fact that the thing you are searching for is inside is only revealed to you once you have finished searching for outside …”
These things have a lot of meaning and every time I think of it , it surprises me. Such wisdom in so few words ! And the book goes on to give more surprising and spiritual aspects. But this post is not about my appreciation of the book for which one blog post is so small to describe.

All I wanted to tell was I am twenty 😛 and I am normal. But telling just that would mean nothing to anyone 🙂

7 thoughts on “The missing link !

  1. @alagu: U understood wrongly then ! I meant something else and it was just for those *idiots* who thought i am a real spoil-sport and have no interests other than computers 😉 GRRR !!!

  2. ofcourse u like gals.. infact everyone for that matter… my message for u is: ” Live for urself.. don’t give a damn abt other fucking idiots”..(my chaatness personified.. )

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