Kaloorie !

I see a lot of movies these days ! Not all make an impression . But this one did and by lots . In fact i was very moved after the movie was over . I am like listening all the songs again and again nowand that too “unnarugil varugayil” and “un paarvayil oor aayiram kavithai naan ezhuthuven ! ”


There was so much friendship, romance,love and all of them were so natural but for the climax. And that too , the way it happens ! cha ! I know its only a story and even the real event didnt make such an impression on me . I have seen the movie many times already now and skipped the climax alone since the first time!
I dunno, probably tragedy is not my choice of movies 😦

3 thoughts on “Kaloorie !

  1. it seems ppl got frust with hari playing vaseegara song repeatedly..suren n t*****a now.. mudiyala da suren.. do u have a handkerchief??? 🙂

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