Damages #1

Well this is yet another series which is going to reveal to the readers , that how dumb I am ! Most already know , but this is like ‘for the record’ 🙂

Chat #1: Me and my friend

Me: Hey, yeah by the way,when is your birthday ??
Friend: mine ??? Its on April 31st 🙂
Me:<I will damage now !!> haha ! Should have been April 1st 😛
Friend: <that should have been your’s> he he !
Me: Will do wel to remember that <still not realised there is not date as April 31st! How did it miss?? >
Friend: Okay 😛

#chat #2: Me In a group of 4 friends !
Me: <i will impress all by telling thier bdays properly> Hey your bday is XX-XX-XXXX and your’s is XX-XX-XXXX and yeah your’s is 31st April right ?? I have a good.. <stopped my all others laughter>
Friend #2: Dog, is there a Date as 31st April ??
Friend : U believed that when i said it was 31st april ! How dumb you are !
Friend #3: Evlo kevalam da nee ?( read how bad u are ?? )
me: <as usual got a big kelaaa> Hey, i am so innocent u know, I believe whatever my friends say ! <trying to damage control:P >
Friends: <laughing> Evlo kevalam nee !!!
Me: sigh ! !@##$%#^&!@#!@#

To be continued 😀

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