Everything about me # 1

Well , a complete personal post ! In fact a big series of posts ! To start with I am reviewing year 2007 !

2007 was an eventful year !
1. Final Semester for Alagu in college ! We used to spend so much time in sun lab and had lots of lots of fun ! Not to forget the LRSL photo session and the late night talks !
2. At the end of semester we had Algorithms tutorials taught by Prasanna (read Iyer ) and Siddarth(read Dart) which really changed the way I code and think !
3. I GPA eventually scaled down to 7.5 ! (Guess thats where I belong :P)
4. Got a Project under Jayanthi Madam from IIIT Hyderabad ! This gave me a nice experience of how projects could be and how well I can fit into one !
5. I got into Delta core ! Something I was looking forward to and knew some day some how I can get into
6. Then had the most useful time of my college time by conducting MGL ! In fact I never thought one can get so much money by teaching Linux ! (Still have that money and dont have much ideas what to do with that money )
7. Got a new hobby of Topcoding and Spojjing ! Though not fully involved at it yet, that has become a useful/addictive time pass now ! And learnt some python and started to love it 😛
8. Had some real real fun at my hostel with my friends and wing mates with the treats at dabba, volley ball and basket ball , occasional night outs for counter strike (hey i do play sometimes :P), and as usual night outs at sun lab !
9. Went to continue the project at IIIT hyd once again and this time I made some real progress ! Thanks to Hari, Yazhini and Vinod !
10. Not to forget some good time with Manas at hyderabad, especially at Microsoft annual party ! (Pity we both dont/cant drink :P)
11. Other things worth mentioning are “how I met your Mom” series , really funny/enjoyable chats with alagu ,shaggan, getting taggy irritated so easily, hacking spider (read getting caught badly hacking spider) , getting addicted to Calvin & Hobbes and other kutti kutti things 🙂
12. Last but not least , went to palani and shaved off my hair !

Before 2007 started , I had lots of dreams and resolutions ! Few got realized and the resolutions never came into picture :P.

But there is something strange about 2008 ! I didnt feel so happy or enthusiastic about the new year as would be earlier ! Thats why not even a happy new year post . I had got a new mobile (a VERY cool one for my use 🙂 ) , a new bike , a broad-band connection at home, getting a new laptop soon and lots more ! But then there is something which is missing and all these things seem so pointless ! Some times I just cant stop myself thinking , I am just another rat in the rat race !

to be continued …

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