Miss my home :( :(

Dunno Why !! In this whole three years of college life I miss my home for the first time ! U know i always complain I dont have this or that in my home ! But now all that seems so stupid ! I miss getting scolded(of course , its not serious scolding !! ) by my bro (younger, that one) for my stupidity. I miss doing math lying in my bed which i used to in most of my free time ! I miss the reheated sambhar rice with a tint of ghee and some snack ! I miss watching cartoon network and pogo – Just for gags ! I miss playing tennis ball football with my bro ! I miss a perfect sleep with my mother clutching my hand and patting my head ! I miss my new bike !! I miss my friends who sometimes think I am really crazy and mad !

Shit , why didnt I relish these things before and why do I miss them so much now ???? some one wake me up and tell me I am in a bad dream !!

PS :Ā  Hope everything is okay when i wake up tomorrow !! Hope ……

5 thoughts on “Miss my home :( :(

  1. there are certain things like food etc which we miss only when we dont have them .. when we have them, we never respect them .. we don’t realise how much they mean to us before losing them ..

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