I am alive :P

Long time I blogged ! So i thought i will make an attendance here 😛
————Disclaimer: the content below is highly arbit, mokka(chaaat) and what not ! read at your own risk .———

There were lots of things I had to blog about but just when i was free to blog about them they were already old news 😛 . My not at all bad (:P) cycle test performance ,My birthday and the bumps the night before, MGL treat, Festember(means 4 days of branddfood and cool drinks for those who dont understand) , Hari’s code looking “Sweet and cute” (!@#%%^&*(#) for him, lots of other kutti and big things happened :)! In a nut shell , in the midst of a happy and eventful college life !

Probably now a vague feeling hits me that what i am go to when I am going to be kicked out of the college with a degree in hand and some job ! I’m gonna miss my college badly ! Alagu once said if you do lots of things that you wanted to do in college then you will be the person who will be missing it so much ! Thats dawning on me already??? I know this is too early to start feeling too senti , but could not avoid it !

PS : Dont know why i even wrote this post ! Some people write arbit posts, some change templates, some even delete their blogs ! I put mokka 🙂

7 thoughts on “I am alive :P

  1. nice post .. far from ‘mokkai’ .. a mokkai post would have been to write about the marriage customs of zulu tribes of africa or the speech of a politician .. (although these can be quite interesting and amusing in certain situations) .. well now this is a arbit comment ..

    joomba joo jim jooo jaaji joey <– zulu

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