The Hyderabad Adventure

This happened a week ago.

I was going to Hyderabad Nampalli railway station(25 kms from IIIT, where i am staying) for booking tickets to get back to chennai. I reached there safely by local train and booked tickets. so far so good.

While returning back, instead of the final stop i have to get down, i got dow at hitech city stop, for I knew that IIIT is in the edge of HI Tech city. What i Didnt know was the station was about 8 km away from IIIT. So here i am new place , dont talk hindi also properly and dont have much money in pocket(well i had an 100 with me and few coins).

first i ask for an auto – 150 rs he says. I said no and started walking on the main road. no buildings near by and just a highway and not much traffic also. started feeling a bit afraid. Then the same auto came again. he said he is going to drop me in Hitech ciy bus stop. So i got in. but it was just a 5 min walking distance, but had to pay him 20 for that.

Then i changed three share autos from there each bringing me near to the college but i was getting afraid as i dont know what the way and it didnot seem familiar to me.I am saving the details of each share auto travel to avoid embarrassment.

Then come the final touch. Just have a fifty rupee note and it seems that i am just two stops away. But it started raining. Cats and dogs!!! i am fully drenching in the middle of road. curse my luck no building and the bus stop doesnot have a place to sit also.

Now comes a bus which i know for sure i going to my place. Got into it. The first time am seeing a lady conductor in a bus ( wow so nice of hyderabad ). she gives me a disapproving look seeing me all wet and causing trouble to all others. she asks me 5 Rs. I give her the 50 note. she asks me to give change. I check and find out to my horror i had just 4 Rs change in my purse. swearing to myself I tell her that. another nasty look at me she gives. asks me to get down at the next stop. me searching frantically for one more Rupee. Then found out two 1 Re coins and thank god get the ticket from her and reached there safely.

i knew i was a bit of whatever you are thinking of me rite now, but never knew i was so bad !!

6 thoughts on “The Hyderabad Adventure

  1. Well, after reading this, i am kind of scared to come there πŸ˜› . I hope no such adventure happens to me πŸ˜›

  2. “HYDERABAD BLUES” that’s what u ought to name it!hahahoohoo…
    can’t even stop myself frm laughin!
    some serious miscalculation huh???

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