Brain F**k, White Space and Intercal

First of all : i am not swearin at you. For People who dont know these are the names of programming languages meant to toughen a programmer’s life.

Brain F**k : This is world’s most horribly smallest programming language.
Its compiler can just understand 8 symbols :- + – . , [ ] Thats all.
all your logic has to be converted to this. Search Wikipedia for more about this abnormally fast language. More whoopier is the size of the compiler: just 16kb !!!

And INTERCAL – The full name of the compiler is “Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym”, which is, for obvious reasons, abbreviated “INTERCAL”.
I mean how vetti people can be to create a programming lanugage just for the sake of it, when it has no advantage than any other programming language !!!(no offense)

So Next time if you hear u think some one is swearing ,be careful,actually he/she may be mentioning a programming language’s name ๐Ÿ™‚

PS : i am not giving the exact links because i dont want my blog to be blocked from my college, but u can get them very easily by googling them!!!

3 thoughts on “Brain F**k, White Space and Intercal

  1. i have had the privelege of working with brain fcuk during my nit surathkal visit .. they had a programming contest in brain fcuk .. hehe .. me was fourth score .. out of ten .. real fun working with it

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