Solving a Rubiks cube

Rubiks cube :
this is the latest past time for me. Took one of my friend’s rubiks cube some three months back. Learnt how to solve the first and the second rows myself but the third row was the most difficult one. googled for solutions and got the correct algo from there.
My average is about 4 minutes and my fastest time so far is 2min 38 sec . But this is no where near to the world record which is whooping 9.56 seconds.

3 thoughts on “Solving a Rubiks cube

  1. and there’s this world record of solving a rubik cube while blind folded in a cool 1.28 mins.. even whoopier!!
    n ya here’s a simpler method- no algos… no brain-strain.. simply disband them into units n assemble back…!! πŸ˜‰

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