Saarang 2007

went to iit madras this weekend for attending the cult fest of theirs’s … the ‘turn up’ was damn good needless to say… they had lot of funds also to spend lavishly..
i was there on saturday morning at the campus gate rite from the CMBT .. with my funny old bag on my shoulders… (it was bothering all through the day) .. to my surprise saw my fourth year’s siva , hariganesh(“college chairman”) and least of all whom i expected to see there – AJAX ‘alagu’.. joined with them for the whole day.. they did all the spending work for me… also got me a choreo nite ticket.. choreo nite it didn live up to the hype created… it seems they didn have prelims and let the good teams alone in… just the 25 first registered teams… more than half the teams were chaat… our college (NITT) did a great performance and took the first prize… i never thought there will be a host performance.. but they did it and got second… stayed there for the nite.. hostels were good… infact great.. with lifts and all… and the rooms had lan connections… (oops! v don have them in our col) ..the open air theatre was damn good also..
and not to forget the jam moderator.. swearing all along .. really enjoyed his show… it was the first time to see a person use such a foul language on stage but still being unquestioned..

i also met my school friend’s – giri, ganapathy and sugeetha…had a litle chat with them ..

there was a major mistake on their part not to have a cloak room.. according to rules v shud not have brought the cameras with us.. but what for those who have brought it… after 15 minutes of helplessness standing outside the arena.. v gave it to some senior of mine who had not got the choreo nite ticket and who was going back to the hostel..
on the whole it was worth the trip to chennai… only thing i had to miss was bytecode.. which was on sunday..

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